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Too mnay custom boxes jfc


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What should my formal title be? 

10 deviants said Penis King
5 deviants said Lord of Aobutt
3 deviants said Mothering Queen
2 deviants said Prince of Bad Models


Skye Updated Bio by koujakulation
Skye Updated Bio
Name: Tenjo (Formerly), Skye

Nickname(s): Shrine dog, Master Fox

Age: Over seven hundred years old

Gender: Male

Species: Demon fox

Birthday: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Language(s) spoken: English, Japanese (Formerly)

Affiliation(s): Cherry Blossom Shrine

Former Affiliation:  Forest God

Status: Alive

Like(s): Sake, cleaning the shrine, cherries

Dislike(s): Girls, snakes

Bad Habit(s): Falling asleep whenever

Hobbies: Taking care of the shrine and noting down the prayers.

Fear(s): Girls

Personality: Lazy, blunt, self-righteous, cunning, sly and serious.


Food(s): Sake, anything with miso, pork buns and rice cakes.

Color(s): Pink

Season(s): Spring - Flowers begin to bloom

Time of Day: Evening, he likes the cool air and red hues of sunset.


Hair style: Short, down

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Magenta  

Skin Tone: Light

Body Shape/Build: Tall and muscled.


Memory: Early years are long forgotten

Sight: Fine

Mental: Suffers from depression, gynophobia

Physical: Fine

Sleep patterns: Off

Appearance: Puffed pink hair with usually half-closed magenta eyes. Normally in a hakama with bright pink pants, pink kimono/yukata


Parent(s):  Killed

Lover(s): Forest god (Formerly)

Friend(s): None

Best Friend(s): Tony

Back story:

Tenjou's younger years were long since forgotten in his long life. Most of what he remembers before arriving to the shrine is violent and bloody. He traveled across Japan leaving a path of death and destruction behind him. He would kill humans and demons alike without thought. He considered girls' bodies his for the taking and lured virgins away from their villages to bed them, then killed them. He wore a lavish kimono, being very flamboyant and liking to make others feel inferior to him.

While slaughtering a village he encountered the forest god, who took one look at him and wept. She professed that he had a deep sadness that he was trying to block out and she purified his body and healed his mind. He agreed to become the guardian of her shine and stayed by her side for decades. He fell in love with her, though she could be wrathful which made him fear the girls he had once abused Her methods of training him were also that of abuse, but he was so blinded by his love he didn't realize it.. His clothes were changed to more servant like garbs, all things being bright pink to suit him, and the shrine in which he lived.

Humans losing their faith in his god led to her dying and leaving a very large cherry tree in the forest. Skye began hating humans, blaming them endlessly for the death of the one he loved and became bitter, looking down humans as if they were below him. He continued to maintain the shrine, though he became sullen and depressed. He changed his name, demanding to be called Skye, and introducing himself as such. Though it's always with hesitation.

While meandering around outside of Japan he came across Tony, a boy in a wheelchair who was being harassed by girls. He saved the boy and took him to his shrine, granting the human access to it and allowing him to live there in exchange for sake. He became very protective of him, valuing him above all else and developing a separation anxiety.
Eternal Servant by koujakulation
Eternal Servant
One version of Skye is done and he's looking fancy and like a legit servant
You Call Me A Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing by koujakulation
You Call Me A Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing
I think you hate me because you want me
You only want what you can't have
I'm just being who I want to be
But you can't deal with that

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like it means something
Can't get your way so you're so pissed off
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch like it's a bad thing

I literally just woke up, got into a with Alex, we talked about something that seriously pisses me off then Vivian vent art.

Song - Halestorm…
Bubble Gum Fox by koujakulation
Bubble Gum Fox
I know this isn't drastic improvement, I just wanted to make a picture of Skye in his doofy af man panties

Also, js, this is probably my best model because there are literally no glitches atm


( ͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕✿)

It has been forever since I updated this holy shit. Bye bye weeaboo shit step aside for something that isn't complete trash now okay????

Okay, so first thing would to be to tell you all my name, which is not "Anna". My name is Tori. I am a gender fluid person from Canada, though if you need to call me any pronoun please call me male, I won't be offended if you call me a girl, because I believe I have both within me, I just tend to be ruled by my male side more often than not.

My tumblr is pastel-merry-go-round so feel free to follow me or shoot me a message there. Be warned, I seriously love cute things and there will be a shit-ton of that over there.

My YouTube if you don't know my now, is 1amananimefreak. Another little tid bit from my weeaboo days. I upload things pretty sporadically other there, it can go from nothing to suddenly having a bunch of videos. S'pretty random.

My skype is vodkacoyote but I'll only add you if I know who you are????

And that about it for all that noiz.

Get it?


I'll shut up.





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